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Tati Metal Design was established in 1996, and as a sheet metal processing factory, we specialize in the production of metal racks, metal furniture, and custom ironwork according to project specifications. Tati Metal Design offers project design and implementation based on customer requirements.

The Tati Metal Design company boasts a well-trained and experienced staff and advanced technology. Currently, in our machinery park, we have a total of 19 main machines, not to mention the various accessories and equipment.

Our Services

Superior Metal Services

Service 01

Metal Construction

We construct structures and components using various metal materials.

Service 02

Other Products

We include a wide range of metal accessories.

Service 03

Metal Racks

We manufacture metal shelves for various industries.

The equipment and technology that Tati Metal Design utilizes are the guarantee of product quality and durability.


What we offer

How it’s Work

Standard Working Process

  • Consultation

    We provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

  • Detailed Proposal

    Our detailed proposal has a thorough plan and all project elements.

  • Project Installation

    The final stage where our expert team carefully brings your vision to life.


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